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Hello everybody, I know we missed a deadline with you. Yes, the newsletter was supposed to come out on the 17th of June, but things have been brewing and we decided to make our announcement today. Well here it is, not that one, obviously, but a new improved Faraway Places is now LIVE!

Book day tours in new and exciting places, browse our tailor made vacations and send in requests for your favourite ones

New Site!

First, we thought the website could use a little bit of a facelift – the same core of unique destinations, and experiences remains, but the navigation and content has gone through a sea of change. We’ve put up our planned vacations as well!

New Vacations!

We added a new destination! We now also plan trips to the Maldives with our list of curated hotels that we recommend in the island nation. We promise further travel expansions as well in this area. Think island in the south! We promise to keep adding destinations and marching forward to make your travel experiences better.

New Tours!

In our constant endeavour to find the right places to spend your money on vacations we have curated some more tours around the world. Today we introduce –

  1. Culinary Tours

We at Faraway believe that food and travel go together. To travel to a new place and experience it you must eat the food! In that same spirit we are starting with culinary tours in Bali and surprise surprise Berlin!


Get your hands dirty in Bali and learn how to cook some local delicacies. These food tours are combined with hiking and cycling on the east coast of the island and you are guaranteed some amazing food and some insane scenery.


In Berlin we have a food tour demystifying the current food culture in Berlin. Meet Samantha our Berlin local who has been living there for 5 years. She loves food and wants to show you the what german cuisine can be more than just Currywurst. Try the best burger in Berlin (2 years in a row) and end the day drinking an East German speciality, one of the last remaining products of Soviet occupied Berlin.

  1. Day Tours


The country that first adopted Christian beliefs in the world. Visit the ancient fortress’ around Yerevan, the capital, pay homage at some of the first monasteries in the world, enjoy the wine from one of the world’s oldest wineries.

This and a lot more only with Faraway Places!

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