Bali Day Tours

A Fishing Adventure, Bali

Catch your own lunch and make it too!

Crater of Life, Bali

A perfect mix of culture, nature and a little bit of adventure in

Culinary Masterclass, Bali

Shop for ingredients at the local market, prepare and devour delicious food.

Cycling Culinary Adventure, Bali

An adventurous morning mixed with just the right amount of culture!

Jagasari Adventure, Bali

History, culture and adventure while soaking in the essence of the region.

Mountains and Sunsets Tour, Bali

A leisurely day in Ubud ending with a sunset picnic.

Seven Temples Tour, Bali

An informative insight into Bali’s history and culture.

Snorkeling Journey, Bali

Snorkel, visit new places, swim in spring fed pools and lunch at Bali Asli.

Traditional Culinary Experience, Bali

Get a taste of the local Balinese life, trek through a village and

Ubud & Night Zoo Tour, Bali

A family’s day out in Ubud combined with an exciting night at Bali Zoo.