Seven Temples Tour Bali


An informative insight into Bali’s history and culture with a renowned  museum curator and access to seven temples in Bali. Travel back to the beginning and trace the evolution of this amazing and unique culture that influenced this entire nation. Visit places that are closed to regular tourists. Enjoy lunch in a paddy field and end the tour with a traditional Balinese blessing ceremony.



  • This is an exclusive tour through seven world heritage temples and monuments tracing the creation of the Balinese Hindu religion “Hindu Dharma” from the 8th Century to the 12th Century.
  • Your journey through the seven temples of enlightenment will take you back to the very beginning of the island’s history.
  • Our day begins with a short lecture at the private house of Bapak Anong Ishmail the Curator of the Sukarno museum and the leading expert on the World Heritage listed Pakerisan River area and its ancient temples. 
  • We will take you back through time as Bapak Anong and his team with our expert guides will lead you through “seven temples and meditation sites” rarely seen by tourists or even the Balinese.
  • We will start at the first temple built in Bali after Besakih, in the 8th Century, continue to a temple that is both Buddhist and Hindu built in the 10th Century and still used today
  • After that we will have lunch prepared for us in the rice fields.
  • In the afternoon we will make our way to an ancient meditation site hidden in the rain forests and carved out of the stone walls basically untouched since the 10th Century. Here we will be met by a local priest who will conduct a blessing ceremony for us to wish you luck on your onward journeys in life.
  • The day finishes in a large temple where in the 12th Century that the leaders of the Buddhist, Hindu Shiva and “respect your ancestor” religions met and agreed to create one religion for all Hindu Dharma or Balinese Hindu.
  • We wish to preserve and sustain this key element of Balinese history and believe to do this we must share its story with Balinese and tourists alike.

Hotel in South/Central Bali

7:30 am

Tour in a refurbished VW Kombi
Experts on Balinese culture who have studied this story for over 25 years
Minibar in the Kombi
Traditional blessing ceremony
Lunch in the rice fields
All entrance fees
Donation to the village and temples you visit
Coffee break
Free Wifi

Guide and driver gratuity
Drinks and meals unless specified



  • Duration is 10 hours – 11 hours
  • No singlets are allowed in the temples, kindly dress accordingly
  • Please carry sunscreen,sunglasses, hats and mosquito repellant
  • Please wear comfortable walking shoes
  • Don’t forget to carry a camera
  • Please do carry a digital copy of your confirmation voucher
The view from the top of a balinese temple complex with grey skys in the backgroud

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 1 review
July 18, 2016

This excursion was the most informative and exhausting of all. The Curator informed us in detail about the evolution of the peculiar hindu culture of Bali. We visited 7 unique temples untouched by commercial tourists at the most stunning and historical locations. Had the most authentic Bali lunch in the midst of lush green rice fields. The highlight has to be the blessing ritual for newly weds.

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